Why I Do What I Do

Here is my story, not to self promote, but to give context. We are all, to some degree, a product of our environment. I always find it helpful to know other people’s backgrounds so maybe you will find it helpful to know mine.

I’m a high school dropout who went in the Navy at age 17, became a Hospital Corpsman, received my GED, and learned a little bit about submarines and jumping out of airplanes while stationed at Pearl Harbor. I subsequently received my undergraduate degree in Biology from St. Louis University and Masters in Hospital Administration from University of Minnesota.

I spent my first 40 years of work in healthcare management. Like most management people, regardless of the industry, nothing stands out to me more than my hiring mistakes. They’re bad for the person, bad for the boss, and bad for the company. This was on my mind as I started considering my options for the next 40 years of my career. So, I decided to start a consulting firm focused on talent assessment and development for these reasons:

  • I already knew something about it
  • A Gallup certified strengths coach for 15 years
  • I knew there were a lot of tools out there
  • I like to influence my world and not just let it influence me

I knew if I could combine 40 years of senior management experience with some objective assessment data I might be able to make meaningful contributions to individuals and companies and have a lot of fun doing it. I’ve been right so far.

I would like you to remember these two things about me:

  1. I will go to any length to help those who try to help themselves but will disappear in a heartbeat from everyone else.
  2. I will always try. I may be right or wrong, I may succeed or fail, but I will always try.



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