Our Beliefs of Why We Do What We Do

Making important decisions about people—hiring, promoting, developing—without data just doesn’t make sense anymore. Granted there are people whose gut instincts are very good, but in a critical decision about a human why wouldn’t you want to cover every base possible?

We now live in a time when people increasingly want data and facts; because of this the question becomes what kind of data? Personality assessments such as DISC and its variants can help in understanding someone’s behavior, but they only go so far.

We believe whether you are an introvert or extrovert, whether you are a genius or of average intelligence, what matters is how effectively you apply good judgment in the use of your particular attributes. In fact, good judgment effectively applied, especially at moments of pressure, will separate the good from the great over the long haul.

We use the Judgment Index, a tool based on the Hartman Value Profile developed by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman, over 50 years ago. The Judgment Index allows us to measure over 40 factors that make up one’s judgment. Your judgment scores are based on your data, not our opinion. We believe Judgment Index is the least known, and most powerful, of all the assessment tools out there.

Using the Judgment Index as our primary tool we look at judgement indicators/measurements of: People, Work/Task and Big Picture. These are the core areas of a person's judgement capacity. After getting the scores we are able to show the relative strength of these key judgement areas. It is important to know that this is not a personality tool or a tool that will determine how to use your judgement.

Simply, we take this information and relay to you what strengths you can use and what areas need some attention to make the best judgments.

Meet our Team

Truly a network of connections and strong individuals that make quality judgments. This small outfit is one that will transform/guide/enhance you abilities to make the winning judgments.

Ken head shot

Ken Smithmier

Founder & CEO

Ken was once the best Uber driver in the Nashville area.


Chris Kimball

Vice President

Chris runs HireUP a recruiting and hiring firm in the Nashville area.


Cookie Monster

Web Guy

Showing his best judgement the Web Guy does not display his picture as not to scare anyone.


Sarah Munsell

Vice President

Sarah has a background  in talent acquisition and building people operations for fast growing companies. She also happens to be an opera singer.  Bring your earplugs - she just might sing a high note or two.

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