A tiny miscalculation and he was gone

This article from Financial Times($) is the chilling story of the death of wingsuit flyer Mark Sutton. There is no more “black/white”, “yes/no”, “good/bad” type of outcomes in sports than these high-level extreme sports; judgement can be of the utmost importance.

Wingsuit flying, climbing Mt. Everest, free diving, and other types of this niche of extreme sports are binary activities: depending on your judgment at crucial times you either live or die.

Crucial moments matter more because we know that pressure is the number one disrupter of good judgment. Sometimes it can be as harmless as PGA pro Phil Mickelson intentionally violating a rule out of frustration over his performance in the U.S. Open. Sometimes it can literally mean your life as what happened to James Bond stuntman Mark Sutton in 2013.

We use a scientific tool called Judgment Index to measure one’s judgment, looking especially at how one might respond under pressure. We are interested in doing Judgment Index assessments on some practitioners of these various sports. Your time and expense will be minimal.  We have no interest in judging you as a person or your choice of activities. Our sole goal is to use what we learn, and our experience, to help you improve your judgment and perform at higher, and safer levels. We are very open to any type of sport or activity.

If your family and friends think you are crazy, and worry about your safety constantly, we are probably interested in talking to you.

Please contact us at @JudgementDayUSA on Tiwtter or email Ken at ken@p3insights.com with the subject line “Binary Sport Judgement”

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