A Formula For Success?

Becoming a billionaire does not happen due to flukes or happenstance, often it is due to formulas and processes that essentially ensure repeated success. One such example is investor Robert Smith and his ‘110 Instructions and Intelligence Test’. Is this a formula for success?

Well, it certainly has worked for Smith, but what caught my eye is how he approaches hiring. He uses a consistent testing process and doesn’t deviate from it. Everyone gets a personality assessment. They’re easy to do and there are a lot of tools out there. (By the way, thinking all sales people need to be extroverts simply isn’t correct. Ever have the salesperson working for you who is loved by everyone but never closed a deal?)  More importantly everyone gets some type of cognitive assessment. I don’t know what he uses but the point is if you stop at personality tests you leave yourself vulnerable to hiring mistakes. And I don’t think IQ is the answer, which is why I have increasingly turned to the Judgment Index.

Brains without judgment is like a hot rod car with no steering: lots of potential, just unlikely to ever get you where you want to go. I use it every day to help top people in business and sports. It will improve you as a person, a boss, and an employee. Think about it. #business #sales #sports

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