It is not often you get to hear/see real-world examples of how application of judgement can benefit your team of athletes or workers. Ken Smithmier does this often via his blog and on the raido.

Ken provides insight and strategies to enhance the ability to make good judgments; because, in the end, better judgement wins and provides continual success.



Judgement Consulting In Sports & Business

Using the Judgment Index™ assessment p3insights provide consultation for your business or sports team. Judgement is measured and assessed by our team to provide information in areas such as hiring, promotion and talent & leadership development.

Thoughts On Judgement

Ken provides both a deeper look into how he views judgement on a variety of topics (politics and social issues are not included) and in 280 or less on Twitter @JudgementDayUSA. Feel free to @ or DM us for information as well.

Media Archives

Ken has been tabbed the "Judgement Expert" by Paul Finebaum, becoming a regular guest on his show. Producer John Hayes characterized his 5/9/18 appearance as:

"This is one of the smartest hours of sports radio you will listen to all summer. Take some time during work today and check it out."

Ken also has appeared in various other print media providing his judgement expertise applied to sports. Click here to listen and read.

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